What We Do With The Recycled Items

  • The older computers and equipment are taken apart and placed in categories. The sorted materials are then sent to recycling facilities to be processed properly and safely.

  • We retain parts or whole computers for resale.

  • We support a few people with in the community who donate computers to people who have disabilities and others who cannot afford computers

  • We do not send toxic materials to other Countries where it is likely that the material will be handled improperly, cialis unsafely or end up in their landfills.


How we rid your computers of Private Information

  • We always make sure information can not be retrieved at a later date.

  • We never resell anything containing  your information, or software.

  • Every computer (hard drive) that comes through our door goes through an extensive process to ensure your information will never be retrieved, and all data is gone forever.

  • You may request  a signed letter from us guaranteeing your data will be irretrievable. We charge a $25.00 administration fee for the letter.

  • We can adapt to further suit your requirements.